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About Island Seaplane Service

The operators of Island Seaplane Service have a background of over forty-seven years of seaplane activity in northern Minnesota, Canada, Alaska, the Caribbean, Florida, SE Asian and Hawaii.  The founder of the company, Pat Magie, has flown 39,000 accident free hours with about 32,000 hours in seaplanes--which now is probably the world's record.  He was also named as the National Seaplane Pilot of the year in 2000.  He flew as a bush pilot in Northern Minnesota, Canada and Alaska for many years flying fishermen, hunters, forest fire suppression and freight of all descriptions.  He did also fly many med-a-vac flights and saved several lives--sometimes at great risk at night and adverse weather conditions landing in strange lakes with no lighting.

Pat has also flown for many movie films--both big screen and TV shows.  he was seen flying a Twin Beech on floats in the movie "The Phantom" filmed in Thailand and "Godzilla" filmed here in Hawaii.  The movie actress Catherine Zeta Jones starred as the villainous lady seaplane pilot in "The Phantom" and Pat was seen wearing a wig and dressed as the this same lady pilot.  The same DeHavilland "Beaver" aircraft was used on tours was the one seen in "the New Fantasy Island" TV series filmed in 1998 with Pat shown off loading many of the stars in these episodes.  This same "Beaver" was seen in the Disney World Production of "The Stevens Get Even" and a Bud Lite commercial for the original "Survivors" series.  This aircraft has also been seen in several Japanese TV shows and commercials.  Pat is a Screen Actors Guild member and has flown seaplanes in many different films and commercials.  His wife and partner Debbie runs the office, mans the telephone, and does all the tour booking. His father flew during the 1920s and early '30's holding license #229 signed by Orville Wright and a copy of this is on display in the floating office.  Aviation is the heritage of three generations with all of the grown children actively engaged in aviation.

All of the company pilots are carefully selected for flight skills as well as congeniality with the customers.  Everyone's inspiration is to make the flights the highlight of the customer's trip to Hawaii and this is often heard as the passengers disembark the aircraft. All of our Pilots are Certified Flight Instructors and work with student Seaplane Pilots on a regular basis.




Our Seaplane Base was seen in the movie featuring Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore Movie - FIFTY FIRST DATES!


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